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Offering more than 200 Craft Beers Ocracoke Bar And Grille has a perfect brew for you.

Ocracoke Bar And Grille is a Local Sustainable Surf Bar specializing in Fresh Local Seafood, Baja Mexican fare and offering more than 200 craft beers ready for you to enjoy!


Joe Fred is an Acronym that stands for Joint Operations Engaging Friends Recreation Entertainment and Dedication.

Joe Fred Beer Bashes spanned the better part of 30 years and still 40 years later Joe Freds occasionally gather still.

  The Party Patrol was born from the Joe Fred Beer Bash parties. Joe Fred's would design and print T-Shirts. We would sell them to each other to raise money for the annual Beer Bash Parties. Any money left over is donated to local charities. The Party Patrol ensured safety and order during these events. 

  Aside from the obvious keeping the peace, Party Patrol were Joe Freds who did not drink, yet still loved the annual gathering of lifelong friends. It was the Party Patrol that ensured safety and responsibility among hundreds of Joe Fredders. In the more than 30 years of Beer Bashes attracting more than 300 people sometimes, not once was there an altercation or fight. Party Patrol would provide rides, re-supply runs and change out empty kegs. Party Patrol ensured the gathering places and beer bash parties were left in better shape than they found it.
  Joe Fred's Party Patrol are some of the originators of bringing back extra beach trash each trip to the beach. For this reason special T-Shirts were been printed and given to Party Patrol as a recognition for service not only to Joe Fred but to the local communities Joe Fred's visit for the annual Joe Fred Beer Bash.

Ocracoke Bar And Grille carries on the tradition of Party Patrol ensuring all our guests have a good time, all are safe, relaxed and laid back enjoying the company of friends and making friends we have not yet met. When you wear Ocracoke Bar And Grille Party Patrol Beach Wear you’re saying you hold true the same morals of ensuring a relaxed environment, consciousness of our environment and good neighborly kindness.

J-oint O-perations E-ngaging F-riends R-ecreation, E-ntertainment & D-edication

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